AsyncResourceManager done


We are writing today, to announce that our Asynchronous Resource Manager is already working and under intensive tests in our new engine and game. For that reason and because of its complexity, we decided to not release to everyone for now. First we need to assure that it really works on a real case and is what we are doing.

So if you are interested in testing it and make your games without loading screens, send us a mail ( or leave a comment with your mail and we will send you our Resource Manager.

After we finish the game we will release the Resource Manager for all community.

Stay Tunned.

We are currently working on other components this time, thinking on WP7, probably some upgrades to existing ones:)

Stay tunned

Orange Game by ZPX

ZPX (the portuguese company I work for) has just released an iPhone game.

Orange Game has simple but quite addictive gameplay mechanics, accompanied by a peculiar original soundtrack.

Go to the AppStore and try it out!