Phyzell - Alpha


We've been working hard for the last couple of weeks, trying to polish some of the techniques we implemented, as well as tweaking the game mechanics. We're quite happy with the final result, after 3-4 months of part-time work in this game.

Well, for now, at least, this is it! We submitted our project (that was developed as a course project of our master's degree in Computer Engineering). We're not prepared to completely say goodbye to Phyzell, so we're dubbing this version as Alpha, hoping that in the future we get enough time and resources to improve this concept and turn it into a real game. Nevertheless, we will definitely use our engine in our future projects for XNA, from which you might be hearing about in the upcoming months.

For now, we leave you with the gameplay video and the installer of the alpha version, so you can try it out for yourselves.