XNA + PhysX = New Game


today we don't have too much to say, but just to keep you up to date: We are taking the first steps in our Game Engine for the future project. We integrated physX and character controller for now, but next week we will talk about some more aspects and after this we will post some game mechanics details and videos.

In the upcoming weeks, if our work goes well, we will post some nice components developed for the game.

Stay connected!

XNA and PhysX


As we said, we are currently playing with PhysX.Net, a .NET wrapper for Nvidia PhysX.
This wrapper actually is an alpha release so everything is implemented with some bugs, but author very quickly addresses the identified issues.

You can get this wrapper at: http://www.codeplex.com/physxdotnet

For those who want to make Windows Games using NVIDIA PhysX and XNA, this is a perfect packet.
You need to install:
- XNA (of course:p)
- Nvidia PhysX Runtime
- Nvidia PhysX SDK
And download the wrapper.

The Nvidia PhysX documentation comes with too much examples and training lessons. What we did was "translating" some of these lessons to PhysX.Net wrapper, and you can get it here:


Code isn't documented and you can use everything. You must follow the training lessons docs from Nvidia PhysX Documentation. Some things change a little, from the original PhysX to the wrapper, and this is a perfect package to understand the difference between the two versions.

The source code, contains everything you need, but pay attention, only Rigid Bodies lessons are complete and some of them aren't finished yet.

If everyone want to help or want to correct some problems, please send to us your improved versions.

Next post will be about our new project, an untitled game project, using physX and XNA;)

For now, take a look at presentation video:

Heru - First Game - First Contact with OpenGL


Today we want to show you our first project. It was made for the 3D Animation and Visualization Course IST's MSc in Computer Science and Engineering.

You can get the source here. The solution is for VC8 but you can easily convert it to VC9 with default converter.

The following videos are self demonstrative of the tech developed for this game.

Feel free to try it and use everything you want.

Past: OpenGL | Future: XNA

Hi Everyone,

We are Portuguese Students and we are making games=D.

Now seriously, this blog is a window for our projects and technology we will use to complete them. We will post some Source Code and videos documenting our progress.

You can ask for some help or give us your opinion about our games and share your th

For now, we will post stuff about our first OpenGL game and our next XNA project, for which we are currently testing a PhysX wrapper for XNA.

Stay connected, we will post every test that we made with PhysX , very useful to understand some nice tricks and differences between PhysX and PhysX.Net (the wrapper we are using).