Windows Phone 7 Hardware Foundation

In case you missed it, the WP7 devices have a minimum required hardware platform which is exciting for us game developers:

Too bad XNA won't have custom shaders for the WP7 from the start, but that's just a matter of time.

XNA 4.0 CTP and Windows Phone Dev Tools Out!!!

Hello Everyone, 

Todays at MIX'10 Microsoft Announced the availability of Windows Phone Developer Tools CTP. 

If you did not download it yet, do it now @

You can read some stuff and get some links in follow sites:

Download Visual Studio 2010 RC here:

BTW, I made some tests using touch capabilities and some sprites:p


Stay Tunned!

Update and RTS new Game: Mall-a-Palooza

Hello everyone,

For those who are waiting for AsyncResourceManager sample, I'm sorry about my late, but Microsoft Portugal made a challenge for every XNA developers and I'm finishing my entry, because of it I didn't finish the sample yet. But I will:) It is almost done, Its missing only the test and dump, to assure that everything is in right place.

But the main reason why I'm posting today, its because the company where I'm working (RTS), is lunching a new game today, it is a casual game, but I'd like that everyone try it, please download the demo:)

If you like it, please leave a review in iWin website:)

Thank you