XNA Input Event Generator Component


As you must know, the input system in XNA GS is based on IF statements. This is simple but when your game/project grows, it turns the source chaotic and maybe for each frame you may need to test the same key/button several times in different objects.

So, we made a very useful component to solve this problem. Whis this you can separate input code from update code and only the classes that subscribe some type of events, will be notified.

This component supports three types of events:
- Button/Key Pressed
- Button/Key Released
- Button/Key On Hold - This hold has a default time of 1 second, you can change it.

GamePad, Keyboard and Mouse are supported.
Analog controllers, like thumbsticks and triggers have different types of events. For each new value, a new event is triggered. So when you move your thumbstick, several events are raised.

You can improve everything and extend this component, if you do it, send it to our email, please! ;)

New Version Released -> Change Log:
Version 1.2 - 05 July 2009
FIXED - GamePad negative values don't generate events
FIXED - XBOX 360 don't copile
ADDED - XBOX360 Solution
Version 1.1.2 - 04 April 2009
FIXED - NullPointerException
Version 1.1 - 03 April 2009
FIXED - Bug in detecting gamepad release buttons event
CHANGED - Now Key/Button Pressed event, is continuously raised while key/button is down.


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Anonymous said...

Are you offering this example as open source by chance?

3D Gaming and Programming said...

Yes, you're free to use and modify the code we posted. If you happen to improve something please send it to us! ;)

Anonymous said...

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