AI Tests for Phyzell


Sorry about our absence since the end of March, but we are working on projects for other courses and the major changes we made to Phyzell engine didn't have anything to show until now.

So, we are currently progressing on two fronts. We're programming both the black hole gun and the traditional fire arms behavior but today we want to show you our AI tests. We're working on a nice AI, nothing too much advanced, though.

To do this, we are starting just with the fuzzy logic samples from XNA creators Club and adding a new behavior, Path Following. So our entity (a tank) will chase some mices (like in the original sample) and aditionally it will have a fixed path (based on the Curve Class) to follow when it doesn't have nothing to do. Like soldiers, when are guarding something like warehouses.

You can see the video above or/and check the source. What add some waypoints to make the path and wait for the thank to finish its work and go back to the path.

A - Adding a waypoint
Space - When you add all waypoint press space to create the path (dont press it before you have at least 2 wapoints, we don't handle exceptions:p)

Q - Add a mice
W - Remove a mice
Tab - Iterate fuzzy properties
P and L - increse/decrease fuzzy properties

That's all, stay connected. We'll post our black hole gun sample very soon! =D


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